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Help offset your basketball fees

Work with our fundraising partner, Good Neighbors Funding program, to earn money toward offsetting the cost of your basketball fees.


Follow this easy 3 step process to sign up!


  • Sign-up with Good Neighbors Funding program by clicking here.​

  • Check out the event list, and select which works best for you. Events List

Ages 17+ only, each participant must be listed to earn money

Check this list frequently to find new opportunities to work.


Additional Information

  • Events are at Bridgestone Arena working in a concession stand cashiering or preparing food.

  • Parking will usually be at the Nissan Stadium. 

  • You need to wear black pants and close toed shoes. You will be provided with a shirt and hat to wear.

  • You can not bring any bags/purses into the stadium unless they are transparent.

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